Everything has a beginning

And so it is for my blog page!

I’m Sarah, on this page better called as Moene and I’m an 18 year old girl who lives in Italy. Since I was little my dream was to be able to express my own toughts and so connect with people all over the world. So this hopefully will work for me! For now, I wish you a good night (since it’s nighttime in Italy) and I hope you stay tuned to be able to see more and more..👀


Hervorgehobener Beitrag

My trip to Rome

Good Morning everyone!

I am literally so SO sorry that I’ve not written anything since I don’t even know.. I have so much school stress that it’s literally taking away also all my free time😣

Hope that everyone of you is doing great! Let’s be real, how could you not with this beautiful weather! (Hoping you have that too and that I am not talking only for myself)

So for the topic of today I decided to talk about the trip I made about 2 weeks ago, to Rome!!

It was the first time for me in Rome even if I live in Italy and have been in every skydirections of the State.

It was a trip with my class, I may mention for those who want that to know.


We took the train Freccia Rossa from our city *beep is privacy haha* and took about 4 to 5 hours to arrive to the Vatican city!

The train was very fast when you think he drove about 700 km that morning.

We checked in in our hotel that was.. I dont want to say awful, but not the most beautiful (but very unexpensive!). I got a room with bath with 3 of my classmates. For the privacy of the hotel I am not giving any name but I can say, dont search for a really nice hotel in the near of the train station.

In front of the hotel there was a restaurant and we wich were thinking to eat lunch. But before we even could decide to eat there or go ahead to search an other restaurant the waiter prepared a table exclusively for us.

So tipical italian! I was not surprised by that haha! But I was even more surprised of the money I did pay for a lunch, for me it was very cheap even if I ate very good!

Here a photo for your tummy:

And even my classmates who ate more than me did not buy too much too.

On the first day we got a city guide that took us to the different most known places in the city. It was about a 3 hours by feet.

Oh and did I mention, that it rained literally so much? The umbrella did not help at all, our clothes and shoes were soaked!

Some of my classmates had to buy flipflops because they had not plannet to get their only pair of shoes so wet! And if you are wondering, yeah, it happend to me too. But luckily I had a second pair of shoes that saved my life and my money pocket.

On the evening we stayed at home, only went out to eat something and went to bed, because the weather was so so bad!

The next day; The 2nd day

We got breakfast at our bnb and started for our excursion of the Vatican museum! I can tell you that this part of the trip was the most interesting and that one that took my breath away even couple of hours later! Photos can not explain the beauty of the things seen life, so near and so real! Because of that I suggest everyone of you, reader, to go and visit this beauty! Even only one time in your life is better than never! I dont even know if I even got the chanche to re- visit it ever again in my life but I’m very thankful to had that planned from my school.

The only 2 Contras I must mention in this Blog is 1st: There are sooo many people! In some chase you literally have to walk in slow motion like a Zombie. And the 2nd: The ones that work there are unpolite. But as I had seen in this whole trip in Rom, the people in Rome is always stressed and because of that and their temperament they got used to this unpolite way to talk to people especially tourists.

Anyways here are some photos of the whole thing:

After that we got some time alone to go look around the city. We even took the metro, and here I need to mention the fact that you need to stay allert while in or near the metro. Many people is only waiting to get on some stuff they can re-sell. So it would be good to bring a little purse like mine (in the photo) that you have in front of you and always in your sight. Do not ever leave the backpack back! That is a big nono. And do not ever get in conversation with someone that is a bit strange but tries to be nice with you, often he has a friend that meanwhile will steal your things without you even knowing.

On our trip it sadly came to a bus harassment too. That because 2 of our class did not know that in the bus that takes you to the traun station there are only robbers in it. Soon they noticed they were the only women, and when they tried to get down from the bus, the guys in the bus harassed them shortly before the doors close. That because they wanted obviously to rub something too.

So stay in alert for that. Bus AND metro.

The third day

we went to the forum Romanum and the Colosseum, that was beautiful too, but let’s be real, after seeing the Vatican museum nothing could impress us anymore!

I got some postcards but nothing more, not because it was expensive (that was not) but because we had not much time for shopping. You know that is when you go with someone who planned everything for you. Thats because I dont like these kind of trips very much. I like it even more when I’m by myself or with friends and we are open for new adventures and where it will us take, instead of planning everything in the littlest detail.

On that evening the whole class with an other class and all the teachers went out to eat in a spaghetti specialised local. I can tell you it was fantastic! Here you can find some information about their restaurant.

Here some degustation photos:

The fourt day,

First things first, our gorgeus breakfast at a place near the hotel. It was called Mr. Juice. The two man, father and son were so nice to us!

I took a croissant with chocolate, a chocolate with soy milk and a juice, and did buy only 3€! Crazy right?

Our last day in Rome.. we split up in groups because everyone of them groups wanted to see something different.

My group and me went to visit a Monet art exhibition. It was not the biggest art exhibition I have ever seen, but it was quite interesting. Luckily I had the chanche to make some photos for myself and of course some to share with you that I will show you in a minute.

After the art exhibition we went to eat and at 4 o‘ clock in the afternoon we took the train home. It took a bit longer because of railway complications but the most important thing is that we came home.

So that was my trip to Rome! If you reached till there, well, congratulations for your patience! And, I like you! Haha!

Had some tecnical problems so if you see some tiping/writing errors I’m very sorry for that, but it was my phone’s fault.

Hope you enjoyed the description of my trip and hope too that you stay tuned! Because I have so much to tell you soon! Many things will happen, short spoiler (moving, belgium, and maybe Ibizaa?). Well if you wanna know about that I suggest you to subscribe to me haha😌

And I also tought of getting into Blogging and Youtube maybe you can leave a comment and give me some suggestions about that😊

For now its all, I wish you a lovely day or night or what it is in your country, and you will hear from me soon!



My school day – Art Project (diary chapter I)

Hello everyone!

Today I spontaneusly tought I could start to write for the first chapter of a diary type of text I will post once in a while, to tell you about my toughts of the world and everything. I love to write and especially to write down my toughts, so here I am:

As the one following my blog knows I’m a graphic student in the 4th year (in all they are 5). School is going pretty well, except for the fact that we are always under pressure somehow because we need to learn things that do not matter at all in my future career wish and this is a (the) fact why I hate the school system here in Italy. Today I had a session of 6 hours, till I finally could go home. At the very moment we have „free learning“ – this does mean we can organize ourselfs with what we wanna do the whole morning. Teachers give us work to do and our deadline is the end of this week. Dont take me wrong, I like the „free learning“ very much, but the week after… is just a disaster. Wanna know why? Because literally everyone of my 12 professors want to test me about the theme I worked on.

After all I’m pretty happy with my work so far, also because I’ve started with the hardest ones pretty early, so now I have spare time.

Did some german, did some history and finally dedicated myself to arts. Our project for the „free learning“ week is to create a Tridimensional space, using everything we want. I’m very good at water colors and drawing for example, so I did incorporate that in my project. And I will also think about incorporating other material as well..

My theme would be a mushroom fantasy world. Sounds crazy right? But I like crazy things haha.

Soooo.. on top you can see a little preview of my work, and of course I will be posting very soon more about my finished project.

If anyone really does notice (despite me) this post that I wrote with such love, could comment and maybe give me some advices or simply say Hi!

For the rest,

I wish you all a nice evening and a good night,

See you soon,


Spring poem

Hello lovelies,

Let inspire yourself by the beauty of this poem. I’ve found a very similar version on Pinterest. So for the owner, compliments for this beauty.

Wish you all a wonderful friday & weekend!



Trip to Montiggelsee

Hello everyone!

Did you miss me? Because, yeah, I have missed you. 🙂

Since I am still going to school, I sometimes have vacation (school free or how you wanna call it) and I did so much fun stuff! On easter we went to my grandmother and granddad for lunch, then we went minigolfing! The day after, the weather was STUNNING, and so my boyfriend and I decided to went to Montiggler lake (Montigglsee) with a couple of our friends.

Montiggler lake is located in the north of Italy, more precisely in the region Trentino Alto Adige. It has a circumference of 2,2 km and also the maximum depth is about 11,5 m.

On nice weather days, the lake can be very attractive because of their beautiful colors and vegetation. The day we decided to went there, it was FULL of frogs. So yeah, there you can find a very big amount of young frogs, some ducks and other cute little birdies.

Because of its circumference, you can easily go round the whole lake, without feeling exhausted. And so did we. Here are some pictures and some descriptions and short and interesting informations.


This photo was taken on the cliffs. And on the other end of the cliffs, the hiking path begins and you can also find one of the parking places were you need to buy about 3 to 5 euros to leave your car there.


And here they are! In summer you can also jump from them and use them as a trampoline.


On the right, cliffs. Look at the clear water! Of course you can also swim in this lake! There is also a „lido“ where they offer also the access to some swimming pools and slides. Never been there but want desperately to go this summer. For more info about the „lido“ visit their Website click here.


FULL of flowers on our way. So beautiful! (Btw if you want to see more pictures also done more professionally with a Nikon, go hop on my insta page; where you can find many kinds of different flower pics done by me and my dad). Click here.


On our way home, we passed near some houses who were positioned in front of the lake. There is one Restaurant slash Hotel 4 stars called Seehotel Sparer, and an other one called Jausenstation kleiner Montigglersee.

If you want to be even more informed let me know in the comments, so the next time I am going to the lake, I could make some videos and theme focused pictures (for example, what you could get to eat there)

Last but not least, comment down below for the question of the day, that is:

Do you prefer the sea or the lake? And why?

I am very curious to hear about everyone of you!

Lots of love,



Italian degustation/ Review

Hello everyone!

I was so happy to see that some people noticed and liked my Croissant recipe! So for everyone who follows me since the beggining Welcome back! And for everyone who stepped only now on my blog, Hi! You are very welcome! 🙂 I’m Moene, 18 years old and I post everyday (try at least lol).

Shall we begin?

Today I want to tell you about a secret degustation place in Italy. So if you happen to come in my country, i suggest you sincerely to search for the nearest Signorvino in the city were you stay.


The local has inaugurated its spot in my little city only a couple of years ago.

They have a „Cantina“ where they offer exquisite vine degustations, 100% pure Vines from all over Italy. Wich pricing is sometimes low (10€) and sometimes a bit more high (70€), that has nothing to do with the quality of the vine of course. Besides that they offer also degustations from different italian regions like Tuscany.

I went there last weekend and I must say the dinner was exquisite like it is every time I visit Signorvino.

Here some examples of what you could order:

Last but not least; if you want to find out more about this mega bombastic italian local i suggest you to visit their website here. There you can find videos of who they are and what they do, besides the „Vine of the day. Have fun exploring!

Loads of love,


Nutella Croissant

Good morning party people!

Today Ive wanted to share with you a super easy and fast recipe to how to make delicious Nutella Croissants!

What you will need:

  • 1 Egg (egg white)
  • 1 medium Nutella
  • 1/2 packs of pre made puff pastry (I have used round ones but for sure it works with squared ones too!)
  • 1 oven  .. joke
  • 30/40 min. time (depends on how fast you are putting Nutella down)

What you need to do/ Cooking process:

First you need to cut the pastry in tiny triangles, by cutting the circle in half from the top to the bottom and from the left to the right. Then cutting the remaining 4 pieces in each 3 little pieces = triangles.

On each of this triangle you are going to put a full tea spoon of Nutella in their centre, then elapse on each side.

Now you are going to roll them up, by grabbing them on the wide end. It should look something like the picture below!

Wet them a bit with egg white, so they cannot become too dark. Instead they become gold brown.

Add toppings if you want like I did.

Prepare the oven on 180 Grad Celsius, and lay them in.

Wait till they get gold brown and they are ready to go!

29693948_877606949088535_497561293_o-2And here is the final result:


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